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Grab your glass and let’s raise a toast for this week’s special guest Michael Tipps, master mixologist and expert from the hit TV show “Bar Rescue,” as he and our humble host Panini Pete pop some bottles and serve up some sensational soundbytes that will be a handcrafted cocktail for your ears.
With over 26 years of experience in the hospitality world throughout hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs – our guy Michael has done it all, from tending bar to managing some of the country’s biggest and best venues. His story starts in South Florida, where he quickly rose through the ranks in an assortment of front of house positions in the food and libation game, but young Michael had his sights set on the capital of the culinary world: New York City. At the tender age of 19, he packed up and headed to the Big Apple, eventually landing a grand gig behind the bar at the prestigious Tribeca Grand Hotel. Through hard work and his inherent skills and unique abilities, this wunderkind was whisked into a plum managerial role – not an easy feat for someone so young – and he wowed the brass by creating and implementing multiple food and beverage programs that increased revenue while decreasing costs … but without sacrificing quality. His innovations in improving guest services and getting greater returns from his staff are tremendous tips that shouldn’t be missed.

And, of course, he then heads to “Bar Rescue,” but his champagne dreams of TV stardom and fame turn to warm beer realities after he has to leave the show. Down and out, he’s not too proud to admit he had to beg for bar and hosting jobs for pennies on the dollar to try to get back on his feet. But, our boy Michael ain’t a quitter – and through hard work and getting his hands dirty, he’s got up out of the gastro gutter and slugged his way back to being the best and brightest in the bartending business. He maneuvered his way into the “Mixology” craze through the help and guidance of Sasha Petraske (of Milk & Honey fame, of course) and used his sharp mind and hardworking hands to bring the class back to the classic cocktail.

Now, he travels all over the country, sharing his wisdom as a consultant to help every eatery he can find ways to construct captivating culinary and cocktail creations while also building a better sense of how to serve their community better. The shots of savvy suggestions he serves about entrepreneurial spirit, investing intentionally, and the art of serving will have you clamoring for one more round before the podcast hits last call.
And, don’t worry – you won’t need a chaser for this week’s episode: from start to finish, it goes down smooth and sweet. Here’s cheers!

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