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This week’s episode is smokin’ hot, so if grilling and barbecuing lights your fire, you’re going to especially love it, as Chef Pete sits down with the Mama of Meats Misty Bachero – best known on Instagram as the popular account Seattle Butcher’s Wife, where she shares and showcases smokin’ and sizzlin’ sustenance to over 50,000 people across the globe and schools them on how simple it is to start cooking with live fire.

Of course, she has bone-a fide credentials in the metier of meats, as her husband Angelo is a fourth-generation butcher boss at Mondo & Sons, home of the famous and well-loved Banchero sausage that remains a highly-guarded family secret that should be put in the vault with the Original Coca-Cola recipe and the Colonel’s 13 herbs and spices. They also custom-craft hams, bacon and other mouthwatering meat products while also making sure everything stays as sustainable and locally sourced as possible.

Misty talks to Chef Pete about how she got going in the grilling game, when she grabbed hold of a Traeger grill and it … literally lit a fire for her to share her culinary creations and spotlight the family business and the hard work generations of Bancheros have put into it. And it’s important to Misty to be a woman in the grilling and chilling world, as she feels that what she does helps more women feel more comfortable and confident in using a grill or smoker – the Spice Girls had “Girl Power”; should Misty’s be “Grill Power”? “Grill Girl Power”? Let us know in the comments…

Misty also takes on her role as the baroness of branding, taking you through ways to get support for your brand, collaboration advice and how to blend your brand with other partners while still keeping your individual feel and flavor – and she reminds us all that what we do should be about passion and love, not just making a buck or two.

This week’s episode is stuffed full of spicy, smoky sweetness, so sit down and enjoy the experience.

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