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This week’s episode features a guest that has an important connection to Chef Pete’s life and … well… to people who love paninis in general since he’s apparently related to the guy who invented our favorite pressed sandwich: Chef Brent Lahaye, owner of Noodles Panini in Fort Lauderdale.
His career is a family tradition, as his dad is one of the founders of the legendary Fort Lauderdale spot and Florida icon “Shooters on the Water,” which has a special place in our host’s history, as Chef Pete worked there early in his career as a busboy. Brent began his career working at “Club Dallas,” his father’s night club and then joined the team that helped launch the Shooters restaurant, which continues to set the Florida culinary world ablaze year after year. But, he and Chef Pete will go into their shared history with that benevolent bar and institution in a way that will make you feel reminiscent of a good ol’ fashioned family reunion – without the worry of Aunt Mildred and her nasty potato salad with the raisins in it.
Brent will also discuss his culinary school journey and several other stops along the way (you know we’re #TeamNoSpoilers here) before opening Noodles Panini, a place of his own that he might have had an old friend come to help advise him with along the way … couldn’t possibly think of who that might be, but his name might rhyme with Shmanini Shmete.
Apart from the tidal wave of nostalgia in this week’s episode, you’ll also get advice on how to navigate the path to your desires and how to build the business of your dreams even while fighting the vampires of self-doubt, lack of fulfillment and decision questioning.

You definitely don’t want to be the only family member not at the old homestead for this week’s The Raw Ingredients, so go throw on your reunion t-shirt, come on down, grab a plate and get ready for some hemming, hawing, hilarity and helpful hints. And we’ll make sure Aunt Mildred can’t get in – seriously, that potato salad might actually be a war crime…

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