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This week, Chef Pete’s special guest is a new friend and boss barbecue blogger Dan Phelps of Learning to Smoke. Dan’s blog brings barbecue best practices right to your fingertips on your phone or tablet and his Instagram account (also Learning to Smoke) is just straight up droolworthy and will have you begging for brisket and pleading for pork.

Much like the U.S. Mail service, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stop Dan from his appointed task – giving the Good Word about the Gospel of Barbecue. He is meticulous about everything he does and showcases, taking special care in developing his recipes and being selective and honest about the products he reviews.

This innovative influencer takes us through the trials and errors of getting to where you want to go and how to build a brand from the bottom floor up. This is not your typical episode of our podcast – it’s definitely a different flavor, maybe with hints of mesquite … hickory … pecan … whatever it is, it’s smoky, it’s spicy and you’re going to want to come back for seconds, so listen in right now.

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