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This week on The Raw Ingredients, Chef Pete shoots straight with a lady who truly is the Service in Food Service – the glorious Gloria Chabot – as they get to chew and chat about her 40-plus year expedition throughout the hills and valleys … and Taverns on the Green … of the food industry.

Gloria knew she loved food service at a young age, but almost didn’t enter the culinary kingdom because she wanted to be a teacher (We think she would have made a great teacher, but education’s loss is culinary arts’ gain). Thankfully, before she made the choice to teach the children well, high school aged Gloria got some good guidance from the great Chef Joe Baum, the CEO and Chef of landmark New York high-class icons Tavern on the Green and Windows on the World (Tavern on the Green was even featured in the cinematic classic Ghostbusters – you know you’ve made it in the gourmet game when your restaurant is in a film where Bill Murray battles ghosts and cracks wise … even if your restaurant is the site where Rick Moranis’ character gets turned into some kind of demon dog thing).

From Chef Baum’s good advice, she went on to the prestigious Johnson and Wales University, one of the crown jewels of culinary education, and has worked her way up the food industry ladder rung after rung ever since. From her roles at some major and popular restaurants to her providing perfect provisions and peace for all of her partners with food service mainstay Sodexo, Gloria’s story is an epic journey that you will be educated, enlightened and entertained by, even if you aren’t in the eatery employ. Her recipes for success in food service include teamwork, consistency, and, above all, abundant kindness that has helped her in a career where doors have opened that never seemed possible for her.

And Pete’s ol’ pal Food Network legend and denizen of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Guy Fieri just might come up in the conversation – so we guess you’ll have to listen to find out, won’t you?

Don’t you dare pass this podcast plate – take a heaping helping of this week’s episode and enjoy our scrumptious sermonizing.

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