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Lights, Camera, Action! This week, Chef Pete and The Raw Ingredients Podcast heads into Hollywood territory with legendary Executive Chef Kevin Des Chenes – known to many as the “Private Chef to the Stars.”

With over 24 years of experience and know-how in the Hospitality industry, Chef Kevin is always on the go and continues to change the game in so many different areas – whether it’s being named “Top Chef” by Las Vegas Food & Wine, authoring the classic “Beyond My Chef Coat,” taking home the title on the popular TV show “Top Celebrity Chef Showdown,” calling on his culinary cleverness as Chef Expert for the iconic Gordon Ramsey or just appearing as a featured chef on a variety of TV shows across almost every channel you can find in your cable box (we would list all of them here, but it would take days and days to write them all down … and he’s probably been on another one as we’ve been sitting here writing these show notes. The TV cameras love this guy – and so do we!)

Now, of course, Chef Kevin has hobnobbed with Hollywood High Society and the Best of The Biz, as he’s worked with notable names like literal Legend John Legend, the dynamic daytime TV duo Kathie Lee and Hoda, Giuliana Rancic, the band Little Big Town, big-league basketballer Isaiah Thomas and more New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox players than you could ever hope to name, even if you had the team rosters on a cheat sheet in front of you.

And don’t be fooled into thinking he’s all about the fame game – he’s  also a huge advocate and philanthropist, working for charities like Boston’s Children’s Hospital and The Light Foundation – and he hammers home the important idea of giving back to your community.
Behind all the glitz and glamor of the celebrity chef life and encounters (which are awesome), Chef Kevin gives us a great flashback to his humble beginnings, just cooking with his grandmother and helping prepare family meals, and that foundation rooted on family and fellowship with food still flavors his culinary calling today – bringing people together around a good meal.

Chef Kevin will also have tasty tips for taking your business to the top, on topics like networking, conflict resolution, improvisation, ingenuity, building a brand and … we’ll stop there. We don’t want to spoil your appetite for this week’s absolutely abundant episode – it’s so good you won’t want us to call “That’s a wrap” when we reach the end.

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