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This week on The Raw Ingredients Podcast, we’ve got a great treat for all you loyal listeners straight out of Philly, PA – no, not the Fresh Prince who was West Philadelphia born and raised, if we remember correctly – it’s the hilarious and hard-working Chef Brian Duffy, the foremost public figure rocking the surname Duffy in America today (Sorry, Patrick Duffy, but you haven’t really done much since “Step by Step” in the 1990s … and we don’t count the TNT “Dallas” reboot nonsense. Do better).
Chefs Pete and Brian talk the talk about walking the walk, as we learn about how Chef Brian’s origin story with his culinary career got started through the quintessential Sunday night dinners he enjoyed with his Irish-Italian family. That love and passion for good food and comradery is what spurred his awesome adventures throughout his career and whether it was learning under a James Beard Award-winning chef at The Four Seasons in Philadelphia, creating and crafting the “New Celtic” cuisine, rescuing bars on a certain television show about rescuing bars or building his own brand to create “Duffified Spaces” across the globe, everyone can enjoy and engage with Chef Brian’s terrific tales.
So, grab your silverware and settle in for a good, long dinner of delightful dialogue – you won’t want to miss a single Duffified dish on this week’s episode.