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He’s a frequent Food Network regular. An award-winning cookbook writer. A digital series host. A frequent talk show guest. One of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Chefs Alive.” And the first-ever two-time champion of the “Chopped” TV series. Figure out who this week’s guest is? Of course, it had to be the man, the myth, the legend Chef James Briscione blessing us with his presence this week’s episode of The Raw Ingredients.

Chef Pete and Chef James will take you on a tonal trip through Chef James’ life and career where you’ll learn that you can’t shortcut the seasons of your life where you’re meant to grind it out – it’s that grinding that gives us the finished, polished edges that make us better than we were. They’ll also focus on earning respect through a method that sounds simple but is not the path for the lazy and undedicated – it’s called work, hard work and showing your team that you aren’t afraid to trudge down into the trenches and muck in with them.

So, get ready to be given a lifetime’s worth of lessons from the Chef who is Bringing Sexy Back and Good Work Ethic Back – you know you’re gonna wanna dig in on this week’s episode.