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Now, normally when the word “boards” comes up in conversation on our show, it’s of course going to be a congenial chat about charcuterie – the bougie meat and cheese boards that people love to nosh on but can’t pronounce or spell to save their lives. But this week, the Boards in question are Kodiak Boards made by Bear Walker Industries and this week’s special guest Bear Walker – and while you could perhaps use them as interesting plating for a capicola or a nice hard smoked gouda, it’s probably best to use them for their recommended usage: stunning skateboards that are both fully functional and amazing artwork.

Whether it’s serving food with love from your kitchen that turns into a restaurant empire or taking a college art project and working your way up into a full-fledged industry and business, there’s a key ingredient you’ve got to have – passion. Chef Pete and Bear talk about how passion can help fuel the fires that turn craft and talent into bona fide business. They’ll also teach us that failure isn’t final – it’s an interesting opportunity to learn and grow.

Strap on a helmet and get ready to grind on this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast – it’ll be great and gnarly (Apologies from the writing staff this week … our knowledge of skater culture and slang began and ended with the cult classic 1986 Josh Brolin film “Thrashin” … and that Avril Lavigne song from the early ’00s).

P.S. Chef Pete’s new book “Spatula Success” has hit the shelves so visit to find out more about this rad book.