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In life, sometimes we are lucky enough to come across a truly great human being, a sort of person who fits the trope of the “Renaissance Man,” someone who has a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and wisdom in a large number of different fields – and this week on The Raw Ingredients, Chef Pete is serving straight to your table a sit-down session with just such a man – his fellow CIA alum Mike Finelli.

Mike has run the gamut of the gastronomical game so when he talks, he means business (and having an actual business degree from Fordham doesn’t hurt there either). While we normally get to chew and chat with current chefs and culinary characters, Mike’s conversation with Chef Pete shows us that sometimes even our podcast has to come out of the kitchen once and a while and see the larger world that is the complete culinary industry – and Mike’s long and winding journey to where he is now is an amazing look at achieving your dreams and being open to where the world may take you, which, in his case, meant a nice Italian excursion that you’ll be glad you go to enjoy.

Because a restaurant isn’t just a restaurant – like Mike tells us, it’s every business out there all rolled up into one so this episode is a full five-course meal for each and every eager entrepreneur out there to taste and enjoy,.

And, last but certainly not least, we want to be sure to announce that Chef Pete’s new book “Spatula Success” has hit the shelves so visit to find out more about this terrific tome that you will be delighted to devour.