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The Raw Ingredients podcast welcomes its listeners to a culinary journey where they can delve into the world of culinary arts with some of the most talented chefs and food enthusiasts. The podcast is hosted by Chef “Panini” Pete Blohme, and in this particular episode, he is joined by Monti Carlo, a culinary professional who is a member of the prestigious James Beard Association, promoting inclusion in the industry.

During the episode, Monti Carlo shares her incredible journey from auditioning for a cooking competition for $50 to becoming a well-known culinary expert. She stresses the importance of taking every opportunity that comes your way and how hard work, persistence, and a positive attitude can help achieve one’s dreams.

As two chefs with different backgrounds, they explore the art of fusion cooking and how to blend diverse flavors and techniques in the kitchen. The significance of using fresh, high-quality ingredients and the importance of sourcing them sustainably is also discussed.

Monti Carlo’s passion for teaching others how to cook is highlighted throughout the episode, along with her book coming in spring 2025, which shares her unique life and living as someone who is bi-cultural. The episode also talks about how she uses her platform to inspire and mentor young chefs and promote diversity in the culinary industry.

The Raw Ingredients podcast invites its listeners to join them on this inspiring journey as they explore the raw ingredients of culinary excellence with Monti Carlo.