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Are you mired in a moor of mediocre? Do you long for the glories and triumphs of days past but lack the knowledge and know-how you need to make everything old new again? Well, listeners, you’re in luck this week because for the low, low cost of … well, absolutely nothing … on this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast, Chef Pete has an off-the-menu special that is tailor-made to satisfy your appetite for amazing advice – it’s the charismatic and riveting Kayla Robison, the chef and culinary influencer that was the driving force behind pushing the renowned Arnold’s of Cincinnati from the plateau it found itself on for years into an enigmatic eatery celebrating a brand new heyday.

Chef Kayla and Chef Pete will give you the recipe for revitalization that you crave – with such daring ingredients including the classic rebranding, the mildly difficult menu redesign, the crowd-pleasing community outreach and so much more – no matter what your vocation may be, the tips, tools and tricks the chefs will prepare for you this week will be a constant staple for you and your business.

So, don’t you want to listen in and figure out how to step your game up from “Meh” to “Mmmmm” – of course you do. Grab your plate and settle in for a heaping helping of this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast – you’ll be glad you save room for this much-needed meal of a show.