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l Pollo may be Loco, but this week’s special guest for The Raw Ingredients is far from Loco in her dedication and drive to continue to develop new ideas and opportunities within the food industry – it’s Heather Gardea, Vice President of Research and Development for El Pollo Loco.
Heather, a fellow CIA alumna, and Chef Pete have a free-ranging, wide-spanning conversation about the food industry at large and the many different ways people can be a part of that ever-expanding economic driver. Whether its farm to table, production, distribution, food science and technology, sustainability … the industry of eating is as expansive as the waists of those of us who help fuel that industry. Heather provides a great perspective of what the industry as a whole looks like and she and Chef Pete will show you that working in the culinary arts is a lot more than just making and serving food.
So, grab a plate and dig in to this week’s episode of The Raw Ingredients – we always leave you hungry for more.