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From her start at Bennigan’s to winning a James Beard Award for Best Midwest Chef, this week’s special guest on The Raw Ingredients podcast has gone the distance, shown persistence and is a model example for showing what a can-do attitude can, indeed, do – it’s the owner and executive chef of the renowned Belfry restaurant in Kansas City – Friend of the Show Celina Tio.

Celina has worked in almost every possible part of the culinary world and has steadily risen through the ranks to earn her award-winning status, so she and Chef Pete have a meaningful discussion about how to mentor the next generation of upcoming chefs and culinary artists and making sure to actively promote diversity and inclusiveness as the absolute necessities they are. Creating positive and supportive work environments doesn’t just happen naturally, so the chefs will have you some great recipes to cook up a quality workplace that will have employees beating down your doors to come and join.

This week’s episode is one that should not be missed, so grab your plate and come on in to this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast – where we always leave you wanting more.