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Gorilla Rich is a fellow Mess Lord, Fellow Triple D family with Pete. Gorilla Rich has an amazing bbq stand located in a train-car in Pacifica, California.Featured on Food Networks Diners, Drive-In, and Dives (DDD), Gorilla BBQ offers a unique experience using fresh ingredients and slow cooked meats that melt in your mouth!

The nick-name “Gorilla” was given to Rich Bacchi by his dad. “I’ve always been a little bigger than normal!” Says Rich. His name, his personality, and his food are all large and in charge!

Rich Bacchi, a native Pacifica resident, comes from a long line of restaurateurs. His family owned and operated a restaurant just down the street from where Gorilla BBQ stands today. You could say he was raised to have his own spot and cook/BBQ some amazing food! Gorilla Barbeque LLC was officially established by Rich in 2006.

As mentioned above Rich’s parents owned a restaurant (which was a Mexican restaurant). All the way back since Rich can remember he was working at his family owned restaurant. The workforce consisted of his siblings, cousins, and the leaders were his mom and aunt. Because of his restaurant background his friends would always choose Rich as the one to cook. Most of the time his food of choice to cook would be BBQ.

The restaurant business was not Rich’s career of choice. Rich started out working for Track Magic traveling the country prepping and building racing go-carts. Rich started out as screwing in bolts to leading the team. While doing this Rich would BBQ for the team during events and such. However, once the company’s owner passed Track Magic met its demise. Shortly after Rich’s parents became ill and Rich needed to be closer to home. The train-car that now is the home of Gorilla BBQ became available and not knowing what he was going to use it for Rich bought the train-car. Then during a conversation with one of his friends the idea was born for Rich to open up a BBQ joint in the train-car.

Some of the specific topics that Pete and Gorilla talk about in this episode are:

  • Be nice to the public. Teach your people to be nice to people. The small things matter. Overly communicate to your customers so they know what is going on and do not make assumptions. When customers make assumptions they are normally bad. You have to read your guest and tend to their needs. A hostess can walk people to a table, a bar tender can make great drinks, a server can get the order perfect, but can we make people feel welcomed? That is what makes restaurants great.
  • Consistency is key. It all starts with setting standards to say “I can’t allow this because it will hurt the business. Set standards and train your leaders to make sure all the employees live up to that standard. Even when employees say they can make it better and they change something it will hurt even if it’s good people will come in and say this isn’t what I get it’s different. People do not like change. Mastery is doing the same thing day in and day out.
  • How to overcome the struggle of COVID-19. Things like price increase of products, less staff, taking care of your facility (all good operators had clean facilities before COVID)

That is just a glimpse of todays episode of “The Raw Ingredients” you will definitely want to listen to this conversation between Rich and Pete.


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