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Having trouble building a brand or staying on track with your existing brand? Grab your spoon and dig into this week’s episode of The Raw Ingredients, as Chef Pete Blohme sits down for a session with Brand Man of the Beach Brian Harsany, co-owner of four beloved Orange Beach mainstays – Cosmo’s Restaurant and Bar, Maggie’s Bottle and ‘Tail, Luna’s Eat & Drink and BuzzCatz Coffee and Sweets.

Brian takes Chef Pete through his journey in the restaurant business – from his start as a fill-in table busser at a small restaurant in his teenage years to being the Game Changer of Gulf Coast Dining – and the ups and downs of owning and managing a highly seen and enjoyed culinary kingdom.

His advice on launching and maintaining a brand is a must-listen and you need to write down everything you can during his and Chef Pete’s insights on creating a culture of cooperation to finally put an end to the Front of House/Back of House War that has been an unfortunate mainstay of the restaurant business for centuries – peace in our time.

So, don’t get full on other podcasts this week and skip this episode – you’ve earned the sweet treats and insights you’ll find inside.

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